From Bold Vision to Practical Reality

An aggressive, achievable strategic plan is a delicate balance between a bold vision of the future and the practical realities of implementation. It takes a unique combination of strategic thinking and operating experience to do well.

That’s where Percepta Partners excels.

We couple creative strategic thinking with decades of practical experience bringing leading-edge products to market across the information and software industries.

We know how to identify disruptive product and market strategies. We focus on helping B2B information companies create new revenue opportunities by adding value and utility to their information and data.

Percepta Partners provides a unique set of capabilities that helps clients leverage sophisticated technology to move their information and data quickly up the value chain. As their information becomes more flexible and actionable, clients see its value and usefulness rise. This results in new revenue streams, greater control over pricing and longer-term relationships with customers.

Each member of the Percepta Partners team has direct experience in successfully migrating business models in B2B information businesses. We have developed breakthrough products and serviced as senior operating executives at firms such as Gartner, SRI International, Thomson, Reuters and other leading information and software companies, including several mid-market PE-backed growth companies.

We enjoy extensive personal relationships with leading executives across the global financial, business and technology landscape, and we use those relationships to create new opportunities and partnerships for our clients.

We serve a diverse client base of early- and mid-stage companies, divisions of large corporations, and investment funds seeking new growth opportunities. Our engagements are hands-on, working directly with our clients’ teams to discover and implement new product and market strategies.

At Percepta Partners, we consistently deliver tangible, actionable solutions that attract customers, drive revenue and accelerate growth.

Example Client Services

The Canadian Consulate in New York engaged Percepta Partners to advise and assist in executing a successful Canadian FinTech trade mission. The goal was to build the awareness and reach of Canadian FinTech companies among global leaders of the FinTech sector based in New York City. We organized an invitation-only breakfast roundtable for senior Wall Street executives; worked with five leading Canadian FinTech companies to develop strategic partnerships; and arranged 20 robust meetings between leading Canadian FinTech companies and US executives interested in exploring strategic partnerships. All of the trade mission objectives were achieved.

One of the world’s major providers of pricing/reference data, real-time data feeds, and analytical tools hired Percepta Partners to develop a new growth strategy for one of its major analytical products. The process, which involved direct contact with a broad range of fixed-income asset managers and broker-dealers, resulted in product and marketing refinements that drove new revenue.

A global supplier of Portfolio Management solutions hired Percepta Partners to help identify US-based growth opportunities for one of its products. Percepta Partners uncovered several new channels for the company to pursue, and identified three potential acquisitions.

Percepta Partners identified new growth opportunities for the financial industry utility that clears and settles all of the equity trades (and many of the fixed income trades) done in the US. Our focus was on finding potential acquisition targets. The work involved vetting and evaluating hundreds of companies to identify those which could help the company address its strategic goals.

A well-established Canadian FinTech solutions provider retained Percepta Partners to explore strategies for growing its business in the US, with particular focus on partnering with major US firms who have complementary capabilities. We identified and vetted potential partners, arranged meetings and oversaw strategic discussions.

A FinTech startup retained Percepta Partners for an extensive engagement that involved refining its business plan, developing a product development roadmap, assembling detailed marketing and product development budgets, and creating logos, taglines, presentations and brand positioning statements.

The leading legal information provider in the US retained Percepta Partners to evaluate its online and mobile product offerings. The engagement included detailed suggestions for improving online sell-through, as well as user interface improvements.